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Aerial Survey 

Large-scale engineering projects often require aerial surveys. We use Indian made High Quality Survey Grade Legally Permissible Drone to survey large chunks of land within fraction of time. We can provide you with a 3 D model Of the Surveyed Land, Contours, DEM , Orthomosaic Images, Point Cloud Data ,Etc.


Construction Survey

Ever worried about getting the column positions wrong or not getting the exact measurements on field as per plan? Well, We are here to solve your problems. Get an edge over your competitors by using us to build an excellent product from the start with accuracy in milimeters and with exact measurements as per plans.


Land Survey / Land Measurements

Get detailed measurements and accurate area of your plot or a piece of property using our latest instruments like Total Station / DGPS / Drones and save yourself from embarrasement of getting duped for less land than promised. We also provide contours of land and exact plans which can be quite helpful for architects during designing phase.


Geo Spatial Solutions

We provide all kinds of GNSS based Survey Solutions. We can help you get satellite co-ordinates of your real estate for flood level assessment, government plan sanctioning  and/or any other puposes.

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